Because smart data can save the world.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Increase traffic to your site and improve conversion rates from search engines. Our approach generates results within the first three months and making SEO key to your business development.

Improve my Google rankings

Understand what your audience is looking for and behavioral patterns

Support your business decision-making with Analytic strategies applied to websites, mobile apps, social networks, e-commerce sites and search trends, amongst others.

Improve my business results

Sales automation and audience segmentation

Utilize Marketing Automation to reduce costs, improve client response speed and make your marketing strategy scalable.

Automate my strategy

Tracking your objectives has never been so easy

Personalized dashboards to better understand your whole ecosystem
Dashboard Personalizado

With Analytics Town, you can have your own private dashboard where you can monitor your online objectives in real time. For example, improve conversion rates, increase online queries, boost your “likes” or “shares” in social networks. In addition, as a customer, you will receive personalized advice on how to extract additional insights from the data to help you stay ahead of your competition.

``It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life``

Mickey Mantle, NY Yankees center field 1951-68

Get better results

We are experts in information analysis and client acquisition

Analytics Town will help you better understand your clients’ behaviors and preferences to improve sales effectiveness

Key solutions

Our consultants will help you:

Increase conversion rates

The power of Analytic tools, from a simple perspective and solely focused on improving your business.

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Search optimization

Increase visits, sales, subscriptions and/or conversions

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New skills

Online training to understand everything you need to know about online marketing

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Data analysis

Future model predictions to build more profitable and efficient businesses based on data specifically relevant to your business

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Improve user experience

Improving the way your users interact with your site or app can positively impact your business results

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Sales automation

Generate a more personalized relationship with your clients through sales automation while still serving multiple prospects at the same time.

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