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About Us

About Analytics Town

Analytics and Online Marketing Consulting

Strategies that work

Analytics Town is a company focused on giving Premium consulting in the areas of Analytics, SEO and Inbound Marketing, within a context of business intelligence. During the last 15 years we’ve been working on the digital media for blue chip, medium and startup companies worldwide.

We believe that high training gives us an extremely important differential in order to provide a “Premium” level service. Due to this we have qualified personnel and certified by the following international brands:

Google Analytics IQ.

“Lead Nurturing & Marketing Automation” by Marketo.

“DMP 101: Programmatic Data-Driven Marketing” by Rocket Fuel.

“DMP 102: Implementation of a DMP” by Rocket Fuel.

How do we make it possible?

Consulting 100% focused to generate value

Custom advice

Our way of working pushes us to be better not only in the professional field but also to provide a warm and humane treatment to our clients. Our focus is on generating value and being an ally of companies looking to go one step further.

Tailor made solutions

Every customer is unique and that’s why there are no magic recipes. Our job is to analyze information and find the details that are of high value for decision making. With precise working methodologies, we seek to take off from the competition to offer a unique and quality service.

Experience and Commitment

With more than 15 years of experience in the digital industry, we understand that a good project is not only to be executed in a timely manner, but also to accompany the client in future business decisions.

World’s Best at your Service

We are Search Engine & Social Media Experts

Ricardo Díez is in charge of AnalyticsTown’s analytical and measurement project management vi...


Ricardo Díez

Chief Analytics Officer


Our services are exclusive and this level we guarantee from working under a framework that allows us to understand the needs and expectations of our clients.

A professional team

The people who make up Analytics Town are internationally certified in the analysis of information as well as high performance work methodologies.

Quick turnaround

Analytics Town provides a customized dashboard to monitor the performance of the customer’s business objectives with human personalized consulting.