Because smart data can save the world.



Key solutions

Consultants specialized in data analysis and demand generation

Increase conversion rates

Analytic, from a simple perspective focused on improving your business.

Quote Digital Analytics

Search Optimization

Increase visits, sales, subscriptions and/or conversions

Quote SEO

Sales automation

Personalized relationships as well as automation of multiple audiences.

Quote Marketing Automation

Tracking your objectives has never been so easy

Personalized dashboards to better understand your whole ecosystem.
Dashboard Personalizado

With Analytics Town, you can have your own private dashboard where you can monitor your online objectives in real time. For example, improve conversion rates, increase online queries, boost your “likes” or “shares” in social networks. In addition, as a customer, you will receive personalized advice on how to extract additional insights from the data to help you stay ahead of your competition.

We aim to generate relevant information to support your decision-making process.

Experts in natural search ranking and data analysis

Online marketing solutions

Advice both for companies that are starting out as well as those that require more advanced techniques.

International experience

Over the last ten years we have developed projects for companies in more than 20 countries globally. Key pieces of work include US and Canada; Europe; Japan; and most countries in Latin America. We can work both in English and Spanish.

Customized approach

First and foremost, we look to generate relevant insights that will allow you to make educated business decisions that impact your bottom line and make your online marketing efforts more efficient.

Specialized consultants

Our specialized consultants not only have technical experience in Google, Marketo (etc). but can also translate insights into easily understandable data that can be used for business decisions.