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Predictive Analytics is Part of the 89% Plans of B2B Marketers in 2016

09 Aug
Analytics Town presenta el estudio de Forrester sobre Predictive Analytics

A Forbester study published in Forbes Magazine details how 89% of Marketing Directors worldwide in the B2B (Business to Business) markets are already considering the inclusion of predictive analytics to improve their companies’ bottom line.


Author: Ricardo Díez – Chief Analytics Officer de Analytics Town.

Predictive Analysis has gained a lot of strength in the last years and is not for less. There are more and more success cases in which the search for patterns that predict future behavior can influence making better decisions in the short term to influence issues as diverse as the market, economic fluctuations, behavior of customers, etc. .

Analytics Town presenta el estudio de Forrester sobre Predictive Analytics

El 89% de los marketers B2B incluirá Predictive Analytics en sus planes de 2016.

The article published by Forbes magazine suggests that 89% of companies that are dedicated to the B2B segment are already thinking of incorporating the detection and prediction of future scenarios to achieve better business results. This article, based on a study by Forrester Consulting, shows data on how this discipline is evolving for a market as complex as this and determines that 51% of marketing managers in the world today can be considered “Marketers of Retrospective “because they only evaluate past data to make decisions about the actions they need to take, but the other 49% are already considering the calculation of the probability of success and the impact to be generated with each marketing action they take, That the prediction of the scenario that generates the best result is vital to meet the goals of each quarter. This type of professionals are called “Predictive Marketers” and they are the ones who have the best results at present and those who show the greatest potential of successful growth.

This study shows how 44% of all “Predictive Marketers” are about to expand or improve the performance of their predictive analytics implementations. On the other hand, of the totality of “Retrospective Marketers” 40% are thinking of entering such implementations in the next 12 months. Only 11% of the global B2B market is not interested in embarking on this type of discipline in the near future, which is expected to be the most likely to lag behind in the industry.

With this study we can clearly determine how predictive analytics is taking a preponderant position in the world of marketing, ecommerce and other areas that make decisions based on advanced information.

How can we take advantage of all this?

Above all, the incessant search for information that allows us to make decisions is a habit that allows us to constantly improve and optimize the results of the business. At Analytics Town, we have experience with a lot of cases where this type of modality generates a huge competitive advantage to win more customers, retain them and make the business more profitable. Many of them coming to the point of it seems like science fiction how we have managed to get information to give details about the users that are then used to improve the sales processes.

So, if you want to know how to take advantage of this trend to improve the results of your business do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to support you.