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How to Create a Marketing Automation Plan

16 May

At the beginning of May 2016, AnalyticsTown participated in a breakfast organized by The Ibero-American Association of Women Entrepreneurs (AIME) in the Argentine Chamber of Commerce.

Diego Ostrovsky and Ricardo Diez discussed the differences between 20th and 21st century companies and how technology can help companies to improve their level of results in the business, especially in digital ecosystems accompanied by Inbound Marketing tools Automation.

For many years, topics such as attraction marketing, consumer lifecycle, customer relationships and market segmentation were academically addressed. Each of these concepts is of enormous importance for the study of marketing and for understanding how to make business work; However, these issues always had a great disadvantage: it was very unlikely that we could move from theory to practice because of the conceptual nature of these discussions and their way of solving problems, which turned out to be impractical and not applicable to the real life.

What is inbound marketing and how to use it for businesses?

Fortunately, with the technology of the 21st century, it is possible to operate in a more complete and automated way to be able to make these concepts, which were once representative only, today are actionable, practical realities and with a direct investment return in function of the way in which a program of this type is implemented.

What is it for?

Inbound marketing plays a colleague role within modern marketing, which greatly enhances the knowledge of each person to personalize the communication and the benefits offered in order to fit what each one needs. The whole world is experiencing a paradigm shift because of the decline in the effectiveness of traditional media.

The conclusion

This allows access to a huge range of possibilities in guiding prospects and customers through different stages of their life cycle, while increasing effectiveness by particularly serving thousands of very granular market segments that allow to be specific In the message that is delivered to each of them in real time as the actions happen.

Such a large and complex scale is something that would be practically impossible to achieve in real time or with high standards of immediacy and scheduling of activities and follow-ups if everything had to be done with the effort of human beings as it would require an excessive level of organization And planning.

In addition it would involve having an “army” of staff ready to react as each user visits the site or downloads an application or sends an email or access from a search engine, which makes the plot so complex that it would be almost impossible to attend all With the same level of quality and standardization.

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