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Cyber Monday

29 Aug

One of the most important events of the year in e-commerce has already arrived and will take place on October 31 and November 1. If you want to position your products and generate brand visibility, this note is for you.

Author: Diego Ostrovsky – Chief Marketing Officer

For almost any online store or e-commerce site in operation, there are several “hot moments” during the year (in Argentina) that can not be missed, including:

  1. Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day (February 14th)
  2. Women’s Day (March 8th)
  3. Bride’s Day (April 3rd)
  4. Hot sale – World Internet Day (May 17th)
  5. Father’s Day (June 19)
  6. Friend’s Day (July 20th)
  7. Children’s Day (August 21)
  8. Spring Day (September 21)
  9. Mother’s Day (October 16th)
  10. Cyber Monday (October 31st and November 1st)
  11. Black Friday (November 25th)
  12. Christmas (December 25th)

Clearly we have one date per month, except during January. You’ll probably be thinking about the most important selling date online.

Well, it’s not what you thought: it’s Cyber Monday.

According to some reports from CACE (Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce) 17.7 million people buy products online during Cyber Monday. How does it compare to Hot Sale? Black Friday? And the long-awaited Christmas? The results are more than amazing:

Cyber Monday AnalyticsTown SEO

Cyber Monday (blue)
Hot Sale (red)
Christmas (yellow)
Black Friday (Green)

In an e-commerce context, Christmas has always had its place in online sales but if we draw a line in its peaks, we can see that it presents a downward curve giving space to other events like Black Friday and Hot Sale, but the Cyber Monday … stands out enormously in Argentina.

The habits of consumption change, the fashions are imposed and the people prefer to take advantage of the big offers ahead of the traditional dates. In addition, many online stores sell what in 1 month or more, for only a couple of days.

How to take advantage of Cyber Monday?

If you have an online store, you can not afford to lose the traffic of those potential customers who will be looking for your products on the Internet. To attract the traffic indicated that, it is necessary to put the accent on techniques like SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This way you can show the users the products that you have and that they are looking for.

Analytics Town has its own online store diagnostics service, which allows E-commerce managers to detect if their online store is optimized to attract quality traffic and anticipate what business potential they present.

The same must be requested completing your information here and in 24/48 hours you will receive a report in which you will be presented with a diagnosis of situation, knowing how well optimized your online store is, what is your business potential indicating how to act for Take advantage of this Cyber Monday.

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