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Online Marketing Dashboard

About the service

Analytics Town provides complementary to its customers, a dashboard and monitoring with real-time personalized by the advice of a consultant metrics. In this way, you can perform various analyzes quickly and easily while viewing entire ecosystem in a single interface, from your desktop, tablet or Smarthone.
All the information is customized for the business and target customer. No matter the case if you are looking for more sales, more “likes on facebook” more social shares, more views on Youtube, our custom dashboards will allow you to get insights of real value added that will allow you to be one step ahead of your competition.

Ideal for companies:

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    Ecommerce sites, news and media

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    Call Center and sales departments

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    Logistics, line production and massive production

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    PR, Marketing and Digital agencies, that need to monitor social networks, trends, advertising campaigns across different platforms


Get a big picture of your business goals or track all your digital efforts in one place

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